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How To Write A Great Thank You Note

We all want to be seen, heard, loved and respected. What better way to express that to someone you care about, than through a sincere thank you note. In a world filled with texts and emails, I just love getting something handwritten in the mail. And I believe, most of the people in my life feel the same way. I was asked, how I go about writing a thank you note. Here are a few thoughts.

Thank You Cards From Hooray For The Underdog!Picking The Perfect Card

First thing I think about is the person I’m writing to, and pick out a card based on what they like. For me, as co-creator of Hooray For The Underdog!, it usually involves whether they’re a cat or dog person. Do they like big or little dogs? Are they into bright colors? Or do they like black and white?

Once I’ve picked the card, I start with a short opening sentence, that says thank you, without actually using those words.

For instance:

  • I’m so grateful to you!
  • Nothing makes me happier than having lunch with you!
  • You are, by far, the best at choosing the perfect gift for me!

Then I add another sentence or two about the gift (or what they’ve done) and why I love it so much.

For example:

  • How did you know that I’m such a fan of Pink Peonies? I have loved them all my life.
  • The grilled cheese sandwiches at Toulouse are to die for!
  • I can’t think of anything that I like better than beautifully scented candles.

I usually close with another “Thank you.” and something that lets that person know how important they are to me.


  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re the best friend I could ever hope for!
  • You have such an exceptional gift for making me feel loved and special.

Notepad From Hooray For The Underdog!Don’t forget to review your spelling and grammar and be extra careful to spell his/her name correctly. I always write everything out on a scratch pad first. This may seem like it takes too much extra time, but it saves me from crossing stuff out on the actual card.

In the end, I concentrate on writing something sincere and straight from my heart. When it comes to thank you notes, honesty and a real effort to show your appreciation is all you really need.


The Importance Of A Handwritten Note

I just got back from the mailbox and was sorting the piles; shred, recycle, bills and wait…drop everything…a thank you note from a friend.

You would think I would be totally blasé about getting note cards or greeting cards in the mail. But it’s a personally meaningful gesture and stands out from all the mass produced, push-a-button correspondence I normally receive.

Thank You Note Card Set

I like writing thank you notes. Really. The thought of someone getting something good in the mail and knowing how appreciative I am, really drives me. Philosophically, gratitude and focusing on the positive is something I feel strongly about. Sharing my thoughts, using my favorite pen, on an interesting card, made from really nice paper, conveys that appreciation better than anything.

Spelling names correctly is a thing I’m always careful to get right. Nobody can stand to see their name misspelled. I’m also very fortunate that my wife Janet doesn’t mind proof-reading my notes. She’s a grammatical genius.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love email and computer produced correspondence, but it just can’t beat something handwritten on an interesting thank you note.