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Getting Holiday Cards Out On Time

Hooray For The Underdog! Holiday Cards

Christmas is the largest card-sending holiday in the country. Here are some tips to make sure your favorite peeps receive their hand-mailed cards in the nick of time.

To guarantee a suitable arrival, plan to send out your holiday cards the first week in December. This will ensure that your cards touchdown in mailboxes in early to mid December. Your recipients will have at least two weeks to display their cards and enjoy them as they await the arrival of Christmas Day.

Getting your cards out early allows you the peace of mind to just sit back and enjoy reading all the cards that arrive in your own mailbox, rather than worrying about the cards you want to send out.



At the latest, December 12th is considered a good goal to shoot for. Keep in mind that the holiday season is when the post office sees their highest demand, and the weather is unpredictable. So hitting an expected delivery date is not always an exact science.



For the well prepared and especially grateful, Thanksgiving cards are a wonderful option. Your greetings will definitely stand out from the rest. Mail these around a week before Thanksgiving.



The Festival of Lights begins December 18th. Gifts and Chanukah cards, can be sent out from November 28th through December 6th.


Happy New Year

If you feel like you’ve missed the mailing window for Christmas, New Year’s cards are definitely more flexible. You can send them out between December 1st and January 7th.


With every card you send, include your return address. Not only will this immediately inform the addressee of who sent the card, but it allows them to update your current address to their files. And, don’t forget to sign your cards by hand and possibly include a short personalized note. Your recipients will certainly feel the love.

That said, life happens. Your loved ones will be thrilled to receive a beautiful card, no matter the day, month or year they receive it.  The important thing is to stay in touch. I sincerely believe, it’s the thought that counts.

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