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Journaling 101

My goal is to write every day. I can’t say I have a perfect record, but the process has become so ingrained, that if I don’t put pen to paper, I really feel out of sorts.

A few years back, I read Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity and started a habit of what she calls “Morning Pages.” Her suggestion is to get up early each day and write three pages of longhand, stream-of-consciousness morning writing. To help you be a better artist, she asks that you use these pages to rest, to dream and to try.

I have to say, making a commitment to this habit has been nothing less than life changing for me. I sincerely believe all the research on journaling and have even experienced some of these incredible benefits:

  • Improves immune function. Expressive writing can strengthen your immunity and decrease your risk of illness. It’s even been reported to help wounds heal faster.
  • Reduces stress. Journaling can make it easier to unwind, and feel more optimistic.
  • Keeps memory sharp. It helps your brain function at its best, improves memory and comprehension.
  • Boosts mood. It gives you a greater sense of emotional well being and happiness.
  • Unlocks and engages right-brained thinking. This can bring better balance to your life, spark innovation and enhance problem solving.

You might want to give it a try. Just think about setting aside a time and place to start your journal. Give a voice to your dreams and aspirations and a safe space for all your hurts and disappointments. It’s very powerful.

Believe it or not, as a result of this daily habit, my husband and I started our whimsical stationery line, Hooray For The Underdog!, that celebrates and supports rescue animals.

The Importance Of A Handwritten Note

I just got back from the mailbox and was sorting the piles; shred, recycle, bills and wait…drop everything…a thank you note from a friend.

You would think I would be totally blasé about getting note cards or greeting cards in the mail. But it’s a personally meaningful gesture and stands out from all the mass produced, push-a-button correspondence I normally receive.

Thank You Note Card Set

I like writing thank you notes. Really. The thought of someone getting something good in the mail and knowing how appreciative I am, really drives me. Philosophically, gratitude and focusing on the positive is something I feel strongly about. Sharing my thoughts, using my favorite pen, on an interesting card, made from really nice paper, conveys that appreciation better than anything.

Spelling names correctly is a thing I’m always careful to get right. Nobody can stand to see their name misspelled. I’m also very fortunate that my wife Janet doesn’t mind proof-reading my notes. She’s a grammatical genius.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love email and computer produced correspondence, but it just can’t beat something handwritten on an interesting thank you note.