Monthly Archives: October 2012

Happy Columbus Day!

In 1492…

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Hooray For The Underdog!

Thank you for supporting our efforts to champion Underdogs everywhere.

Joe and I began our love affair with Underdogs many years ago when we shot some black and white photographs of shelter dogs, hoping to raise money for animal welfare, and maybe even get the dogs adopted.

We wanted to do something to let the world know that these dogs were just as good, sometimes even better than their pick-of-the-litter counterparts. Our idea was to use our time and talent to illustrate their indomitable spirit – in spite of the fact that no one wanted them. From these humble beginnings, Hooray For The Underdog! was born.

We hope these images will inspire you as they have inspired us…that the stories of loss and recovery will move you…and that you may know the joy of sharing your life with an Underdog, too.