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Socially responsible greeting cards featuring art created by Janet Healey and Joe Grisham.

Jack Russell Terriers Jumping For Joy

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Janet and Joe, Just wanted to thank you for the nice note and fast service. I am spreading the word about your great products and service to the underdogs.
Denise F.
“I received my order of wonderful cards the other day and I teared up when I read your sweet thank you note. You’ve always included a note of thanks with my order, which is a fabulous business practice, but this one was so poignant in light of everything that is going on in our world. My heart goes out to both of you and all of the other small business owners. I'm glad I could help a little bit. I also shared your note with one of my neighbors who is ordering some cards. Both of us were reluctant to sort through cards in the stores (who knows how many hands have touched them), so I remembered Hooray for the Underdogs! Your cards are such high quality, with great messages and sweet pups. I know you'll pull through this very challenging time--I'm cheering for the Underdog!”
Laura H.
“I recently ordered some note cards. I realized it may take longer since these were coming from Texas. Though the hurricane was not in Dallas, I'm sure shipping was affected in the entire state. Then, tracking showed there was a delay, so when I received the package, it was re-wrapped in plastic with an apology note from usps due to the weather messing up the external package. Once I got through the package, I saw you had wrapped the note cards in saran wrap to protect them too! Between you and USPS, this package made it safe and sound and all my birthday thank you cards have now been mailed out :). Thank you so much for what you do. I work for the largest open-admission animal shelter in Nevada and have two rescues at home. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these underdogs!”
Las Vegas, NV

We’re Janet Healey and Joe Grisham

We’ve been making pictures together since 1992. I (Janet) was working as a stylist and Joe as a photographer when we decided we wanted to give back to our community.

Our “great” idea was to use our talents in advertising to make a difference in the way people looked at throwaway dogs. I got on the phone and called all the local animal shelters and rescue organizations to see if we could help find homes for their dogs by taking photos of them. Just about everybody thought I was trying to sell them something. But one small group listened to our idea. They showed up at the studio that week with 11 Jack Russell Terriers (one of the most highly abandoned breeds in this country) in crates, on leash, off leash and with some being carried like babies. They completely took over the place. Not one dog stayed on set or cooperated in any way. But by the end of the day we were hooked.

Exhausted, elated and in love with every one of them, this was the start of our rooting for the underdog, our greeting card line, and our pro bono work that is still going strong today. In fact, we have reserved the first Thursday of every month to shoot any and all “dogs needing homes” to be posted on various rescue organization’s websites, and Facebook.

Gifts That Give Back

Fun greeting cards and stationery with exceptional images and inspiring profiles of rescue dogs (and cats) who were abandoned and then given a second chance at life.

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